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The billet blog of the Professor Jean-Jacques Temprado, Co-Founder and CSO of Walkoo

Based on many scientific studies, conventional prevention messages set the daily dose of walking required to maintain physical fitness, reduce cardiovascular risk and psychological well-being by 10,000 steps. Actually, according to recent studies, the dose to be advised could actually be 15,000 steps.

These recommendations are widely relayed by the manufacturers of connected objects for the monitoring of activity, thus helping to popularize « 10,000 steps per day » as a gold standard to be reached. However, each of us can measure how difficult it is to comply with these recommendations, which require walking several hours a day. Indeed, believing that the beneficial effects of the number of steps operate in the « all (10,000 steps) or nothing » mode, many sedentary people who can not reach the recommendations discourage themselves, thereby perpetuating their inactivity and the spiral of effects deleterious. In reality, even a little bit of walking is always better than nothing and as much as possible must remain a permanent objective to be reached daily. Indeed, the threshold of 10-15,000 should not be considered an obsession. The first way to be is to break, as often as possible, with the sitting station during the day: walking, standing, climbing stairs, regularly practicing some bending-extension exercises of the legs.

Another way to break with inactivity is to regularly use Walkoo, the application that guides you to discover the city, quantifies your actual efforts and rewards them!