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Few scientific studies support the hypothesis that walking speed is an indicator of our vitality and good health.
It is well known that blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate or pain are indicators of the dysfunctions of our organism. More and more evidence suggest that spontaneous walking speed is also an indicator of our functional vitality. Indeed, walking speed summarizes the coordination of the multiple systems that produce the strength, energy, sensory and attentional control, which is necessary for mobility and autonomy. Accordingly, a significant decrease in the spontaneous walking speed during old age is a good indicator of the decrease in vital resources and fragility. Even though scientific evidence has been obtained in a clinical setting, these observations could also be applied to healthy older adults. Indeed, they suggest that regular exercise at a walking speed greater than the spontaneous one (in particular brisk walking) allows the organism to be sought beyond its “comfort zone”, thus leading to beneficial effects.

In Walkoo app, no need for additional tools to measure walking speed and energy expenditure associated with walking: the Walkometer is integrated into the application and helps you know your spontaneous speed and even … to exceed it.