Your Points

The points: all the tricks to win them!

There are two ways, both very easy, to earn Points: walking and fishing for Bonus Points!

Walking Points

Whether there are selected courses and places of interest around you (“Follow Walkoo” orDIY”) or not, you can anyway earn a lot of points just by walking daily thanks to the WalkooMeter (Walk and See)!

The more you walk, the more you earn Points!

Bonus Points

In addition to Walking Points, you earn Bonus Points every time you Check-In! The more unusual, secret or difficult to access the spot is, the more points you earn ☺

But you can also earn additional points by referring your friends to the Walkoo community!

Last but not least: if you are a discoverer, urban explorer, guide, blogger or independent publisher and are looking forward to seeing your favorite places on the map, contact Walkoo to contribute. If these points are accepted by Walkoo, you will gain even more points!