The WalkooMeter

The WalkooMeter: how does it work?

The WalkooMeter is a scientific algorithm created at the Institute of Movement Science (Aix-Marseille University) by Professor Jean-Jacques Temprado. It allows estimating in advance and/or calculating in real time the effort realized by the user on any tour carried out on foot.

The WalkooMeter is not a conventional pedometer: it does not count the number of steps. It contains a scientifically validated equation that allows accurate calculation of the energy expenditure from the customized parameters contained in the profile of the user.

The WalkooMeter equation is specifically dedicated to walking; it cannot be used for running.

The energy expenditure carried out during one or more journeys during a daily period of use of the application is converted into points according to a specific scale, based on scientific recommendations. Thus, not only the WalkooMeter inform the user about its activity; it also acts as a nudge by rewarding what the user has already done but also by encouraging him/her to do more, gradually.

How to earn points with the WalkooMeter?

Each daily effort allows you earning points. The more you move away from the sedentary lifestyle, the more points you gain. For example, if you expend only 100 Kcal walking in a day, the WalkooMeter will award you a number of points corresponding to a sticker- “almost sedentary”- and will encourage you to do more. On the other hand, if you have expended 500 Kcal a day, then the WalkooMeter will assign you the points and the vignette of a “super walker”.

So, each time you use the application, you earn points as stickers. For example, you can earn 1000 points thanks to 10 stickers of 100 points (Walkoo considers you as a quasi-sedentary) or thanks to 4 stickers of 250 points (Walkoo considers you as an active walker).

Each sticker can then be exchanged for the advantages of a corresponding value (100, 200, 300…) in the Walkoo store. Then, even if you earned a high number of points but only with stickers of 100 points, you can only exchange them for products with a value of 100 points. Thus, cumulating 3 vignettes of 100 points does not give the same benefits as a vignette of 300 points because, from the point of view of the health benefits, it is completely different.

You want to get the best advantages? Walk more or earn bonus points!