The Manifesto

Slow life is possible, even in big cities!

We live in a beautiful and big city, in the heart of an exceptional natural environment, and would not like to leave it!

But here, as everywhere we travel, we see how much the urban way of life can distance us from what we consider essential: many of us find it difficult to enjoy nature, to share time with our loved ones, to learn new things, to practice a physical or creative activity and to feed ourselves properly.

This way of life has serious consequences for health and well-being. We have all felt how disturbed our balance can be. Indeed, many scientific studies have shown that a hectic and stressful life leads to mood and sleep disorders that can even lead to pathologies that can reduce our life expectancy.

We are convinced that the desire to slow down, to no longer be invaded on a daily basis by the obsession with performance, by the amount of work to be produced, by the ambient pollution, by a diet that is inappropriate to our real needs, by useless routes in the car, as well as the wish to protect our environment … is not a simple trend but a change of society which announces itself.

Indeed, we all know that our daily choices have undeniable consequences on our health and that our behavior and our consumption decisions also have a great impact on our quality of life in the city and the state of the planet that we will leave to the future generations.

However, adopting a “slow” urban lifestyle is far from simple and we need help and encouragement to make a real, gradual and lasting change in our habits, to practice soft activities and to make better choices in all areas of life. It is from this observation, and also from a paradox, that Walkoo City Map was born.

Indeed, the city, even if it pushes to “always more, always faster”, also contains all the antidotes to the poisons of hectic life. But they are sometimes well hidden and you have to know them!

Walkoo’s mission is to help the community that shares the same values ​​and aspirations to discover all these alternatives and, every day, to make better choices, for oneself and for the environment 🙂